TOCC is a free pen and paper role-playing game where a group of players (between one and six) controls the heroes of villians in a world controlled by another player, the game master or GM. TOCC characters are empowered by the supernatural power source known as ki that greatly improves their physical abilities and grants them access to limited magical abilities. When you begin playing TOCC your characters are level one, and have not been heavily influenced by ki. You have access to some supernatural abilities, and you are more durable than a normal person, but you are still very human.

As a TOCC campaign continues your character grows more powerful and less human. As you become more powerful blows that would cleave a man in two are barely enough to break your skin, and your attacks prove as destructive as cannons. Nobility from across the realm will soon seek out your character in order to pull you into their employ. How you respond to this is your choice. Know this though, you may be strong, but you are not alone in your power. Demons roam the lands making life hellish for humans, and other ki users can be either friend or foe. It is your destiny. How you play TOCC is up to you.

Interested yet? Good, because TOCC is free to play and download. So check it out if you like TOCC great, and if not then it didn't cost you a dime. Feel free to explore the rest of this site. You can find information about monsters and premade adventures here so as a future TOCC player you can expect to spend a good amount of time here. Always be ready for new developments, since you never know when a new adventure or monster might be added.

TOCC and this website are the property of Jeffrey Mates and may not be resold or rebranded without his express permission. You are however free to play TOCC at your leisure.